Yerba Mate – The Drink of the Gods

mate drink

An herbal drink that provides natural energy, essential vitamins, and a great taste without the added sugar? It almost sounds too good to be true, but yerba mate drinks fit the bill. Yerba mate has grown in popularity amongst the international community. Some long-time coffee lovers have made the switch to yerba mate drinks as their go-to source for a morning boost, and even athletes praise the herbal superpower for its energizing qualities. Just what is it about this South American plant that sets it apart from the rest and makes mate drink so powerful?

Yerba Mate’s Origins

Before we get into yerba mate drinks you can get at the store, let’s first take a look at the roots of the herbal juggernaut. Yerba mate is a common type of holly found in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and southern Brazil. In its native countries, yerba mate is commonly drunk from a guampa – a cup-like object made from wood, a gourd, or a hollowed-out bull horn – with a filtered metal straw known as a bombilla. More often than not, yerba mate is drunk in a communal setting and shared between people, such as at family gatherings or after a meal. Yerba mate drinks are perfect for warming up in the morning when served with hot water, and in the summer months, the tea can be served with iced water for a hit of refreshment on a toasty day. Yerba mate is quite versatile and lends itself to a number of different drinking styles and preferences.

Yerba Mate Drinks

While yerba mate drink’s origins may be a hollowed-out gourd, yerba mate today is commonly found in health stores around the world, and it is added to natural energy drinks for easy consumption. Yerba mate drinks are regularly promoted as natural energy boosters and a great source of antioxidants.

The Best Natural Energy Booster

Compared to commercial energy drinks that come loaded with sugar and artificial sweeteners, yerba mate drinks give you the energy boost you need without the harmful ingredients. Yerba mate has naturally occurring caffeine that is the source of the energy boost – no sugar needed. At 85 mg of caffeine per cup, yerba mate trails behind coffee in terms of caffeine concentration, but it outscores most teas on the caffeine front.

The Go-To Source for Antioxidants

Yerba mate contains several beneficial plant nutrients and antioxidants that make an ideal addition to any healthy lifestyle. Small compounds known as caffeoyl derivatives are one of yerba mate’s main antioxidant makeups, but yerba mate drinks are also host to both saponins and polyphenols. Saponins possess anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-lowering properties, and polyphenols have been linked to reducing the risk of various diseases.

Full of Essential Amino Acids

If the antioxidants weren’t enough, yerba mate drinks are chalked full of essential amino acids. This herbal tea contains seven out of nine essential amino acids; however, it is important to remember these nutrients are found in trace amounts. Yerba mate drinks make for a great addition to a healthy diet; they cannot serve as a standalone provider of nutrients for a healthy body.

Potential to Assist with Weight Loss

It won’t necessarily shed body fat for you, but yerba mate drinks can be an ideal addition to your diet for anyone looking to lose weight. Yerba mate teas are known to reduce appetite and boost metabolism. The herbal tea further works to decrease fat cells and reduce the amount of fat they hold. Keep in mind that yerba mate should always be paired with a healthy diet. Yerba mate drinks should not be used as a meal replacement, but rather as an aid to work alongside your diet and exercise plan.

Yerba Mate and You

It should come as no surprise that yerba mate drinks have grown in popularity. This herbal juggernaut has been used for decades by Indigenous groups throughout South America, and for good reason. Yerba mate is jam packed full of important nutrients that can provide important sustenance for your body. Yerba mate drinks can be a great addition to any lifestyle, especially for people looking for a healthy, natural source of energy to help get them through the day.