What to Drink and Eat for More Energy Naturally

When the body gets tired and a person feels like they have no energy, they often look for food and drinks that will give them quick energy. Often, these snacks and drinks will give a sugar high, but it has negative effects on the body over a long period of time. There are healthy options for natural energy boosters instead.

Natural versus artificial sugar.

When looking at natural energy boosters in food and drink, it is important to look at what they are made from. One of the key ingredients in most energy boosters is sugar. There are a few types of sugars, but notably, there are natural sugars and artificial sugars (there are variations of each). The body will break the various sugars down differently. Natural sugar is digested slowly, making the body feel fuller longer, and it can help keep the body’s metabolism stable. Natural sugars are essential in the body and can be found in foods like fruit and dairy products.

Artificial sugar differs because it is broken down fast and can cause insulin and blood sugars to skyrocket and then crash, causing health concerns. Because the sugar is digested quickly, the body does not feel full for a long period of time. Artificial sugar is often refined from sugar cane and sugar beets, and it can be found in corn syrup, prepackaged food, and sweets. When looking for a natural energy boost, artificial sugar can give a very rapid energy boost, but there is a long-term negative effect compared to the use of natural sugars in food or drinks, where the energy takes a little longer to achieve but has a positive longer-lasting effect.

Natural Fiber

Fiber is not commonly thought of when looking at natural food and drink energy boosters; however, fiber plays an important role in releasing energy into the body. There are lots of natural sources of fiber, and they can taste good. This can include berries like Goji Berries, which are packed with antioxidants (used to prevent cell damage), vitamins, and fiber. Berries can be eaten raw or added to other foods, such as yogurt and smoothies. Seeds also can be high in fiber. A seed, such as Quinoa, is high in protein, natural carbs, and fiber. Fiber is used by the body to regulate the blood sugar and ensure that there is a longer-lasting natural energy. Food and drink that is used as a natural energy booster should contain natural fiber.

Vitamin B12

As the body ages, it does not retain vitamins as well as a younger body. One of the vitamins that the body does not retain as well is B12. This vitamin helps maintain healthy blood and cells, which then release natural energy. It also prevents megaloblastic anemia, which makes people tired and sick. By ensuring that food and drinks that are being used as natural energy boosters have vitamin B12 as an ingredient, you ensure that your body is able to give long-term health benefits and natural long-lasting energy.


When looking for a quick pick-me-up or a boost of energy, people often look to sources of caffeine as a method of getting quick energy. Caffeine can give this boost, but where the caffeine is coming from and how it enters the body should be monitored. When looking at using caffeine in a food or drink as an energy boost, it should be a natural source of caffeine, such as cocoa beans, Coffee beans, or berries. There are artificial or enhanced caffeines, such as the caffeine added to many sugar drinks and candies. Caffeine can also be found in pills that are purchased in grocery stores or pharmacies. When ingesting enhanced caffeine or too much caffeine, it can have a negative effect on the body and can cause side effects, such as anxiety, hyperactivity, or sleep disturbances. When used naturally in food or drinks as a natural energy booster, and in proper moderation, it can help give energy and can assist in burning body fat, giving a long-lasting amount of energy.

GMO ns Non-GMO foods

Natural energy boosters should be non-Genetic Modified Organisms (GMO). A GMO is a living organism that has been manipulated in a laboratory. They can be modified or cross bred with another organism. This manipulation can allow an organism to develop or enhance traits, such as flavors in food, or to prevent fruit from turning brown naturally. This process can also be engineered to prevent being affected by herbicides or other gardening chemicals. Non-GMO foods and drinks that are used to boost energy use only natural ingredients that have not been manipulated. This means that the food or drink that enters the body is pure and provides a purely natural energy boost.

When looking for food or drinks as a natural energy booster, it is important to ensure the ingredients in them will have a positive effect on a person’s body and health.