How to Make Coffee with a Drip Coffee Maker

If you are a coffee lover, then you know that the expression, ‘have it your way,’ is not so easy when it comes to a great-tasting cup of coffee. In fact, it’s hard to make coffee the easy way, since there are a number of ways to make coffee. But most of those ways, until now, have required making 8 or 10 or more cups at a time, and so, you don’t always get the freshest, best-tasting cup available all day long. Especially if the pot has been sitting around awhile! That is no way to make coffee-time special. How can you make coffee the best way, so you don’t have to make more than you need? Easy! Learn the best way of making coffee with a drip coffee maker.

What is a drip coffee maker?

First of all, do you know what a drip coffee maker is? It is a single-cup, ceramic coffee filter that is designed to hold a paper coffee filter securely over a mug while very hot, perhaps boiling water is poured slowly into the mug through the filter.  The word ‘securely’ is key, because you don’t want the filter to become unbalanced and spill boiling water all over the counter-top and yourself. These ceramic cones have a handle on the side that you can hold to take it on and off, and the cone tapers down onto a ledge that balances over the mug, or coffee pot, perfectly.

It’s not expensive or wasteful to make a great cup of coffee every time. Put fresh ground coffee into the filter of the drip coffee maker. Use only as much as you need. For one 6-oz cup of coffee, you only need two tablespoons of grounds. This can be adjusted, more or less, as needed, and the water temperature and amount can be adjusted as well.

How to make coffee with the drip coffee maker?

Choose your mug. Choose your coffee. Choose the amount of water and grounds you would like to use. Put the coffee dripper on top of the mug, put the filter inside, the coffee in the filter, and pour in the water so that the water drips over the coffee and into your cup. Adjust to taste. Yes, this is all there is to making coffee with a drip coffee maker! That’s why this is one of the best ways of making coffee. There is no waste and no waiting. Best of all, there is also no going back, later on, to deal with the stale leftovers.

For any coffee lover, it’s a pleasure to be able to enjoy a different coffee every morning, without having to buy and use a lot of different roasts all at once. By making coffee one cup at a time, you can sample different beans, or pair your coffee with what you are eating. This gives you better flavor as well because the ground beans are always fresh. Making coffee with a drip coffee maker is not just easier and less wasteful, but it’s more convenient, too. The dripper is as easy to clean as the mug. Just throw them in the dishwasher together.