Adaptogens: What Are They, and Why Do I Want Them in My Drink?

adaptogen drinks

Heard of adaptogens? When searching for healthy alternatives to energy drinks and supplements, chances are you will come across information on adaptogen drinks. Adaptogens are herbal pharmaceuticals that work to counteract stress and reduce the negative impacts of stress on the body and mind. These herbal powerhouses have gained quite a reputation amongst the international community, and for good reason.

A Brief History of Adaptogens

Adaptogens have a long history of use by various collectives. Before being manufactured into an adaptogen drink or supplement, adaptogens were studied by various military groups. During the WWII, scientists began searching for ways to energize soldiers and fight fatigue. Adaptogens became a source of interest by militaries eager to discover new and accessible ways to improve their forces; however, what we now know as adaptogens were used long before military researchers started poking around.

Indigenous groups have harnessed the power of adaptogens since time immemorial. Medicinal uses of adaptogens can be traced all the way back to 3000 BC in Ancient Chinese and Ayurveda practices. Various plants and roots within the Amazon rainforest are classified as adaptogens and have been used by Indigenous groups in everyday practices and traditional healing. From curing stomach aches to improving clarity of mind, adaptogens have a wide range of applications which have earned Amazon adaptogens the title of natural superfoods.

What do Adaptogens Do?

The key function of adaptogens is to counteract the effects of stress. While many of us think of stress as a part of life, the truth is that stress takes a serious toll on the human body. What you think of as a simple headache from a busy day can mean a draining process for your body and mind. Your body has to work hard to handle stress and return balance to your system, a process that often leaves people feeling tired and exhausted. The idea behind using adaptogens as a countermeasure is to delay the onset of fatigue and help our bodies go further. Supplements, such as an adaptogen drink, create an accessible way for people on the go to tap into the healing powers of adaptogens.

Applications of Adaptogens

A common use for adaptogens is fighting fatigue. Adaptogens provide a natural energy boost without the added sugars and overzealous caffeine concentrations known to many commercial energy products. Adaptogen drinks have grown popular amongst athletes who praise the natural energy source for its ability to improve alertness, increase energy levels, and enhance mental performance. Athletes aren’t the only ones benefiting from adaptogens. Adaptogens have also been used to reduce stress and anxiety, sooth an anxious nervous system, and assist with insomnia. Adaptogens can take many forms, and when it comes to adaptogen fruits and plants, different natural makeups will provide different benefits.

Adaptogens in the Modern Market

Adaptogens are increasingly being incorporated into various everyday consumables. A common product utilizing the healing powers of these Amazon superfoods are natural energy drinks. While many commercial energy drinks are notorious for high concentrations of artificial sweeteners, sugar, and caffeine, adaptogen drinks rely on naturally sourced adaptogens to provide the human body with a sustainable source of energy. Where does the adaptogens found in these drinks come from? Recall earlier when we discussed Amazon adaptogens. Many adaptogen drinks use these natural plants, roots, and fruits to create a healthy source of energy that can be easily incorporated into one’s diet.

Adaptogens and a Healthy Lifestyle

There are many adaptogens on the market, and chances are you have been ingesting a few of them without even knowing. Some of the most common adaptogens include ginseng, suma root, acai berries, and guarana, but there are so many we have yet to better understand. Modern uses of adaptogens provide consumers with healthy alternatives to commercial energy products and pharmaceuticals. These non-toxic plants bring a variety of health benefits to the table, but they should not be viewed as a cure-all. An adaptogen drink should not be viewed as a replacement for food or water. Instead, you should use adaptogens alongside other sources of nutrients. Incorporating adaptogens into a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle will provide you with more energy and overall body wellness.